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Our Goal

Our goal is to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ and communicate the Heart of God. We believe changing the world is accomplished by each individual believer’s ability to perceive God’s voice and have a focused dedication to the various assignments within God’s Will. Our lives then become strategic and intentional lives of purpose. The life of the believer is designed for “deployment” into the work that God has set for each individual to accomplish on the earth.

God has set this church to be a Training Agent for developing Kingdom Citizens to a life of dedicated service accomplishing His Will. Jesus teaches that He is the vine and we are the branches, our goal then is to produce "fruitful" people for the Kingdom of God that reshapes our generation and impacts generations to come.  

our lead pastor
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A.C. Smith & Ayesha W. Smith

Pastor Smith is a graduate of Shaw University located in Raleigh, NC with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Religion and Philosophy. He has attended Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, OK and he is a current graduate student at Regent University of Virginia Beach, VA. 


Pastor Smith received his ministry license in 2000 at Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church in Charlotte, NC under the leadership of Dr. Leonzo D. Lynch.  In 2003, Pastor Smith was ordained by Dr. James D. Corbett, Pastor of Greenville Community Christian Church (GCCC) in Greenville, NC. He is also an active current member of

The International Convention of Faith Ministries. 

Pastor Smith has been married to Ayesha Smith for 20 years and is the proud father of two daughters, Rhema, and Zoe Smith. 


2019, The Training Center Family Church officially launched where Pastor Smith serves as the Lead Pastor with the passion of Articulating to "Heart of God" to:


Develop Leaders to

Know God’s Word,

Perceive God’s Voice


Communicate God’s Heart. 

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For Speaking Engagements Invitations for Pastor Smith: 

The Training Center 

P.O. Box 2358

Gastonia, NC 28053-2358

(704) 898-7931


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